Zenith Chill Tap Extra


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Chilled | Ambient | Filtered | Instantly

The stunning chrome Zenith Chilltap Ambient is the perfect addition to kitchens and undercover entertaining areas. Your family and guests will love the healthy lift they get from Zenith 0.2 micron filtered fresh, crystal-clear chilled still or ambient water without the need to buy, chill or dispose of bottled water. Zenith Chilltap Ambient saves time, effort and money every single day.  

  • Suitable for mains pressure
  • Chilled filtered water always on tap for great tasting, healthier drinking
  • Cold filtered water is always on tap for drinking and filling up your water jug
  • Instant chilled and ambient water at your fingertips
  • Using filtered water for all your cooking and greatly improves the taste of food.  Enjoy better tasting tea and coffee too!
  • No more bottled water to buy, carry home or take up valuable space in your already crowded refrigerator.  Also a fraction of the cost of bottled water
  • Delivers refreshingly chilled water between 7°C and 12°C
  • Chiller and filter system stored out-of-sight under the bench system
  • Separate chilled and ambient levers
    • Right lever for chilled filtered drinking water
    • Left lever for ambient filtered drinking water
  • Unlimited supply of ambient filtered drinking water
  • Idle energy cost of 3 cents/day and 20 glasses of chilled water for only 1 cent more
  • Can be installed over a sink or with an optional font kit
  • Chrome finish
  • 1 year warranty

For more product information, specifications and installation manuals please visit the Zenith website here.

Image shown includes font kit for bench mounting away from sink.