Driven by the client’s need to ‘Value Engineer’ the BAGNODESIGN range of product has developed over recent years from being a gap fill to bathroom accessories and mixers, to becoming arguably the most comprehensive range of bathroom fixtures and fittings available in the market today.

The range of product covers all categories, from accessories, to mixers, sanitaryware, showering, furniture and all the way to whirlpools and mirror TV’s. BAGNODESIGN product is sourced globally and with strict quality control measures at both the factory and through our Jebel Ali Logistics centre, customers are guaranteed a quality product that is competitively priced.

BAGNODESIGN products have varying warranty periods from a minimum 12 months to a maximum of 25 years, depending on the product.

 BAGNODESIGN products are guaranteed to meet or exceed your requirements, as well as meet the requirementsof any Building Standards throughout the World, without exception.