Beautiful, Natural & Effective Household Cleaners and Personal Care. Our plant-based products are 99% natural and 100% cruelty free. Our products range from Window Cleaning to Scented Candles to Floor Spray & Leather Protection. Everything you need to keep your home clean & fresh.
Our Mission: The Murchison-Hume Company was started with one goal in mind: to create safe and effective home keeping products that delight the senses (and actually work). We’re not just another poopy-doop-and-lavender label, there’s some serious grunt in those pretty brown bottles.

Our goal is to make everything you need to clean anything you want (with stylish aplomb).

Now that’s pretty and smart! 

Our Core Values: practicality, responsibility, durability, and style. 

Our Motto: We believe that clean living is not a luxury: it’s a basic human right! Who says cleaning has to be dull?