Astra Walker Icon + Lever Shower Set Exposed with 200mm Rose & Hand Wand on Wall Hook - Natural Brass

A67.25 - Natural Brass

A polished solid brass surface, this finish is achieved by extensive polishing of the brass material. Over time the raw brass surface will further evolve as it reacts to the natural atmosphere it is in. Areas that are touched by hand become lighter, while areas that are rarely touched darken and oxidise to create a beautiful organic appearance.

Natural Brass is a living finish this is designed to change and evolve over time.

An occasional light polish when desired with Brasso will help to remove the tarnish.

Defined by beautiful design with balanced proportions for contemporary living, our Icon + Lever collection presents exquisite designs that can truly enhance your bathroom space. This impeccable collection offers standalone components that can harmonise with your overall design and fittings while lifting the space to touch perfection. 

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