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Astra Walker Swan Gooseneck Hob Set


This elegant design features ornate details inspired by nature. Create a statement of luxury with the Swan collection. Offering diverse and endless possibilities with tapware, showers and matching accessories, such as soap dishes, glass shelves and towel holders.

Popular finishes include Chrome with it’s high shine and reflective quality, Ultra gold the quintessential finish for luxurious design with it’s brass-gold tones, and White for a modern classic look. Supported by a 10 year warranty.

Available with a range of handle options including metal and Swarovski crystal.


  • Tier 1 = Chrome
  • Tier 2 = Brushed Platinum, Matte Black, Ultra, Nickel, Aged Brass, Brushed Chrome, Satin Chrome, Ice Grey, French Gold, Iron Bronze, Charcoal Bronze, Gloss Black, English Brass, Tuscan Bronze, Eco Brass, Urban Brass, Natural Brass, Dark Bronze & Champagne Brass

Pricing is grouped into tiers of finishes with tier 1 being the lowest price point and tier 2 the highest.

    This tap set is designed for use in a benchtop up to and including 25mm thick. If you have a thicker benchtop you will need to purchase a separate extension piece. This is the A70.98 extended body and T piece which extends up to 50mm ($419).

    Please note: Natural Brass, Aged Brass, Eco Brass, English Brass, Nickel, and Charcoal Bronze are living finishes which are designed to evolve and change over time. Visit ASTRA WALKER to view individual finishes and for more product information.

    There is a 2 week lead time when ordering this product in Chrome and 8-10 weeks in all other finishes. Contact us at to check stock availability.

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