Blanco Activ Sachets


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A fantastic cleaning product designed for use on Blanco Silgranit kitchen sinks. An item designed for professional cleaning of the Silgranit kitchen sink range, this pack offers easy re-generation of your kitchen sink, and will assist in the removal of those more stubborn of stains such as coffee, tea and fruit spots. Newly introduced to the Inderkitchen range on the advice of a customer, this is said to be the best active cleaner in the market. The box contains three sachets, so three applications.

Instructions For Use: Specially adapted to granite, this powder loosens any stubborn dirt from your sink. Using it is easy. First close the outflow on your sink. Open the little sachet of powder and scatter the contents evenly around the sink bowl. Now fill your bowl with water at a temperature of at least 60 °C. Ideally, use water boiled in the kettle. Use a small measuring cup to scoop some of the solution out of the bowl and pour it over the drainer, too. Leave the Blanco Activ powder to work for at least two hours. Even better, prepare the mixture in the evening after you have used the bowl for the last time that day, and leave the solution to work overnight. After the time is up, drain the solution away. Rinse your sink down with clean water and rub all the damp surfaces dry with a microfibre cloth.

Refer to our Granite Sink Care Guide for more tips on how to maintain your granite sink.