Wood Melbourne Avaa Round Concrete Taps with Two-Piece Backplate


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The process of creating the concrete Avaa round taps involves pouring concrete into custom made moulds to set. The concrete is then painstakingly finished to ensure the highest quality. Utilising top of the range 1/2 turn ceramic disc spindles, the taps have two options for the backplates: a one-piece backplate or two-piece backplates. Avaa concrete taps require a plumber to ensure installation is spot on. Avaa are designed to complement any of our range of spouts - sold separately, or contact us at for a package price.

Is concrete right for me? The natural finish on concrete pieces gives a smooth but textured finish; hairline cracks and variations in colour and texture appear throughout - this is inherent in the design and does not impact the function or durability. We will never send out any products that do not meet our strict standards of quality.

Our brass products are available in raw brass, aged brass, sealed brass or sealed aged brass. Raw brass and aged brass will naturally patina over time and create changes in shine and colour; sealed brass and sealed aged brass will stay brighter and shinier.  Got a colour in mind? get in touch with us at hello@thekitchenhub.co.nz - price on application.

Handles: 50mm diamater x 50mm depth

Timber or concrete backplate: 100mm x 50mm x 19mm (+/-3mm) each

Brass backplate:  100mm x 50mm x 3mm (+/-3mm) each

Round brass backplate: 80mm dia x 5mm thick (+/-3mm) each

Please note there is a 4-6 week lead time when ordering this product.