Warranty Terms

In addition to the guarantees under the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, our suppliers offer additional warranties for products purchased.  Please  click on links below to view terms and conditions by brand:

Meir - Warranty Terms

Astra Walker - Warranty Terms

Warranties are upheld providing the products have been installed and used as designed and exclude;

• Products where the defect is not considered to be due to faulty manufacturing or materials, for normal wear and tear, where the water pressure is outside there commended levels, where the hot water temperature exceeds 55 ̊C or where no in-line water filters have been installed.

• Where the warranty claim has not been notified to The Kitchen Hub (or their approved retailer) within ninety (90) days of the problem first appearing.

• Liability for damage or injury to any person, damage to any property, and any indirect consequential or other loss or damage due to the product.

• Defects, damage or injury caused by, or resulting from; the effects of hard water, inadequate system flushing procedure, failure to clean and maintain the product correctly, abuse or neglect, or other alterations or modifications which affect the reliability or performance of the product.

• Defects or injury caused by or resulting from; improper installation, installation not according to installation instructions or specifications, installation by a non-licenced tradesperson or not in accordance with New Zealand plumbing standards or regulatory requirements.

• Damage or faults caused by chemicals, electrical influences, adhesives, sealants or abrasive cleaning products.

• Finish variations due to patina or natural changes on living metal finishes.

• Chips on the glazed finish of butler sinks, wash basins and toilets caused by impact.

• Vanities and/or vanity tops that has been tiled ‘into’ a wall i.e. fitting or fixing a vanity to a wall and tiling into the side and around it, and/or tiling down and/or around the vanity top. Vanity cabinets & tops are only covered under warranty if they are fitted to finished wall coverings.

• Products that have been installed with exposure to external environmental elements (unless they are designed to be).

• Any dimension discrepancies or glazing imperfection claims against vitreous china products that are permitted within AS1976 – vitreous china products used in Sanitary Applications. It is permitted that vitreous china products can vary up to +/-3mm on any surface due to the unique conditions of the manufacturing process.

• Faulty product from a cause or damage outside our control that occurs after the goods leave our warehouse.

• Ex-display, samples or seconds stock.

• Second-hand products or products that have been moved from the original location they were installed.

• An act, default or omission of, or any representation made by any person (other than The Kitchen Hub, their employees or acting agents).

All warranty covered repair work is to be performed by an authorised service agent or plumber who has received a service request number and authorisation to attend the job. No labour costs will be covered for warranty repair work that is completed without authorisation from The Kitchen Hub.

If a service request is submitted and a service agent is dispatched under the direction of The Kitchen Hub to rectify the issue and the issue reported was not a fault with a The Kitchen Hub product, a service or call out fee will be charged to the submitter/requester of the service request.

Where a claim is for a 'visible fault' on a product after it has been installed and it is established that the fault is visible and should have been detected before installation, only the product will be replaced. Removal and re-installation costs are the responsibility of the installer/customer.