The Watermark Collection



"Finishing is at our roots and it’s the passion that makes our brassware so exquisite."

Back in ’76 when Herman Abel formed Watermark, it was out of a passion for metal finishing – a passion that still remains at the heart of the company today.


The Watermark Collection creates unique statement products with inspiration from the architectural details and engineering structures around New York City. They select elements that are infused into their designs, which are often created in partnership with the architects and designers of their famous borough. All of their versatile and unique ranges are designed and manufactured in Brooklyn, New York.


Everything they make is produced in their factory with care and attention to detail that only hand manufacturing can bring. Their brassware is truly handcrafted with an eye towards precision at all points, from working with the best local suppliers to hand-assembling and testing every piece.


They use only the highest grade of lead free solid brass to make all of their components, which ensures they can produce a highly durable product with the tightest of tolerances and the cleanest provision of water for the user. 


From the lightest of touches to the steadiest of hands – finishing is a process that can only be learnt through time and dedication. Every component they make goes through a unique combination of hand polishing, plating and spraying that often takes their specialists days to complete before their critical eye is happy to pass the parts through to the assembly team.

The Watermark Collection offers 22 unique finishes across all 12 of their product collections, with a range of polished, brass and living finishes. For more information about the finishes and collections please visit The Watermark Collection website.