Kast are a design-led bathroom supply company based on the edge of Sherwood Forest, in the heart of the UK. Specialists in the design and manufacture of contemporary concrete basins with original design, they design and make everything from their factory in the UK.

Kast became the first dedicated collection of concrete wash basins in the world which now encompasses a diverse range of designs, each with a unique aesthetic that is integral to the character of the material.  They continue to lead the way in concrete product design, pushing the boundaries of form, colour and material.

Design-led thinking, cutting-edge manufacturing processes and bold experimentation are all at the heart of Kast.  They have full control and flexibility when it comes to designing and manufacturing which allows them to continue to improve and innovate.

Kast concrete is aggregate-based concrete that uses real, authentic concrete and limestone from local suppliers in Derbyshire alongside specially sourced sands and high-quality pigments that are carefully blended to create the most aesthetically refined mixes anywhere in the world.

Their expertise comes in their ability to consistently manipulate a specific concrete mix design for each basin. Kast's mastery of their material is a results of  years of testing and refining their specialist mixes and casting processes to deliver outstanding strength, durability and silk-smooth finishes every time.

Click here for more information about the concrete material and typical characteristics.

Experience and knowledge means that Kast's quality control and attention to detail is key when it comes to making moulds, because they know that concrete is only ever as good as the mould from which it was produced. Kast believe that small details make a difference and it’s these small details that set their products apart.

The same care and attention to detail is carried throughout all stages of production, before each item is carefully packaged for dispatch to New Zealand. From design to delivery, Kast take pride in the quality of their products.

All Kast concrete basins and bathroom vanities are available in 28 colours. Due to the nature of the material, differences in tone and texture will vary.  Colours will also appear slightly different on screen. We highly recommend viewing colour samples before ordering. Please contact us if you would like to order a sample.