Lo&Co Interiors


Arielle Lopresti and Teegan Cocchiaro, born from their love of contemporary interiors, unique design, and shared passion for thoughtfully designed hardware.

Founded in 2016, the brand’s vision was to make ordinary hardware accessories a little less ordinary. The focus and intent were always on creating timeless hardware with functional purpose, whilst ensuring continual reference to design trends, using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Their designs are informed by architecture, fashion, and travel, with finishes and materials drawn from contemporary interior design movements. Today Lo & Co continues to enrich their range with new and exciting finishes, constructions and materials.

The brand now boasts a broad range of offerings including joinery and entry handles, knobs, hooks, door levers, hinges, towel hooks and more. 2020 saw the exciting introduction of solid marble handles — and more recently travertine — allowing for varied applications to suit all décor styles. All other pieces are lovingly crafted from solid brass featuring signature brass, bronze, nickel, matte black, matte white, aged brass and tumbled brass finishes. 

Lo & Co are ever-evolving; constantly designing, sampling, and testing new finishes and materials with a fresh take on design and a desire to take on creative challenges. Their latest ranges are sculptural and experimental, pushing the boundaries of traditional hardware. Lo & Co strive to have all your architectural hardware needs covered.