Robert Gordon



The Robert Gordon family have been designing and making pottery since 1945. They pride themselves on craftsmanship built up over three generations. Made to last a lifetime, Australian designed and imported collections are created with a strong focus on innovation and quality. At Robert Gordon, we are excited about continuing the tradition of making and distributing the best pottery in Australia.

Here at the pottery, they use 100% recycled clay to slip cast our Kiln basins, pendant lights, and wall hooks. ⁠The process of slip casting these shapes allow us to reuse clay and process into liquid form, which is then poured into the moulds.⁠

Crafted in their Melbourne workshop, developed by architects. 

In these days of mass produced bathroom fixtures it is a rare pleasure to find basins that bear the unmistakable signs of having passed through the hands of skilled crafts people. For no matter how clever a piece of machinery, it can never replicate the subtle idiosyncrasies and originality of designs that are uniquely made by hand.

At Robert Gordon, we employ 35 local craftspeople to make and process the pottery. Each member of the workshop team brings invaluable skills to their stations, with some long-term employees contributing 25+ years' experience. A piece of pottery crafted in Pakenham passes through no less than twelve sets of hands.