Astra Walker




For more than twenty years Astra Walker has been dedicated to crafting timeless innovative bathware, that reflects not only our values of quality, design, and sustainability but also the values of those who choose to work with us and our products.

Our considered Classic and Contemporary collections are built to last, with products that are avowedly long-term in their outlook and that minimise their impact on the environment and resources.


As an established Australian manufacturer, our collections and manufacturing operations continue to evolve through progressive design and the implementation of advanced technologies to ensure clean and safe processes are adhered to throughout the complete design and finishing cycle.

Our team works to ensure precision of form, finish, and service, incorporating a commitment to craftsmanship, integrity, and enduring outcomes across all ranges.
Known for a reassuring weight in the hands; Astra Walker continues its legacy of precision, quality, and timeless design while prioritising sustainable and socially responsible practises.


Astra Walker products meet the most demanding test and certification requirements. Astra Walker is WaterMark and WELS approved, holding certificates to AS3718, and AS6400.


As the original and market leader in premium tapware finishes, Astra Walker's offering encompasses more than twenty finishes. These bespoke finishes can be applied across their tapware, shower and accessory collections to make your vision come to life. Visit ASTRA WALKER to view individual finishes and for more product information.