Mains Water Co.


MAINS WATER CO. offers wet area artefacts for classic and contemporary spaces. We collaborate with the finest creatives to offer designful bathware that delights and inspires. Our focus is on celebrating the human experience in wet spaces and we create products that advance and complement the rituals of bathing.

Born in Melbourne, we offer a unique perspective on the bathing experience. Free from cultural traditions, we explore existing and emerging lifestyle practices distilled into products that propose a new approach to what we call “gourmet bathing”, a phrase borrowed from American Artist Leonard Koren. We encourage and facilitate play, relaxation, ritual, intimacy and privacy.

MAINS WATER CO. Solid Surface is made principally of natural minerals with a small percentage of pure polyester and acrylic polymers. As an inert, hypoallergenic and non-toxic material, it is a healthy choice for people and the environment. It is 100% recyclable and can be repaired at any point in its life cycle. This eliminates waste and production rejects as materials and end-of-life products can be reused, and bathware can be repaired instead of replaced.

MAINS WATER CO. bathware is manufactured using low-energy processes. Making combines natural minerals (Gibbsite) and UV-stable resins, which act as the bonding agent, and a catalyst that generates heat to set the product in a mould. This uses a tiny fraction of the energy that ceramic and concrete products require, and no water, unlike ceramic and concrete. Our factories are powered with hydroelectricity and products are packaged in recyclable materials.