Astra Walker Sensor Wall Mounted Spout 250 x 25mm


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Astra Walker’s capacitive tap sensor is one of our latest and most highly anticipated collection releases. It responds to the global demand of contactless hand hygiene, prioritising health and safety above all else.

Our capacitive tap sensor employs new age technology which detects changing levels of capacitance to activate water flow automatically and without contact, creating a truly seamless experience by eliminating the typical frustration of finding and triggering an infrared sensor.

Capacitance is the physical property of the human body which allows electrical charge to be stored. When hands come into close proximity to the tap, an increase in capacitance is detected and water flows automatically. When the hands are removed a decrease is detected, turning off the water and returning the tap to standby mode. Supported by a 10 year warranty and 6 star WELS water rating (3 litres per minute).

Pricing is grouped into tiers of finishes with tier 1 being the lowest price point and tier 4 the highest.


  • Tier 1 | Chrome
  • Tier 2 | Brushed Platinum & Matte Black
  • Tier 3 | Nickel, Aged Bass, Brushed Chrome, Satin Chrome, Ice Grey, Iron Bronze, Gloss Black, English Brass, Tuscan Bronze, Eco Brass, Urban Brass, Natural Brass, White, Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Dark Bronze & Champagne Brass
  • Tier 4 | Ultra, French Gold & Charcoal Bronze 

Please note: Natural Brass, Aged Brass, Eco Brass, English Brass and Charcoal Bronze are living finishes which are designed to evolve and change over time. Visit ASTRA WALKER to view individual finishes and for more product information.

There is a 2 week lead time when ordering this product in Chrome, Matte Black or Brushed Platinum and 8-10 weeks in all other finishes. Contact us at to check stock availability.

The water temperature is set at mains inlet temperature (cold). To get warm/hot water the spout will need to be installed with a TMV valve (temperature monitoring valve) which can be purchased separately. If you require a TMV valve please contact us for pricing.