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Introducing Wood Melbourne to New Zealand

July 01, 2018

Wood Melbourne products are all hand crafted by their founder Oliver Maclatchey. His love for timber developed the original timber spout and has since expanded to include products in concrete, brass, and marble finishes. Being handcrafted makes each product unique and the extensive production processes ensures consistent craftsmanship and quality.

The soft texture of the raw materials adds warmth while remaining minimalist in style. As Oliver describes this minimalist style allows the “beautiful materials” to do all the “talking”.

When selecting brass products, you have the choice of raw, sealed, or aged brass. Raw brass naturally patinas overtime, adding a sense of character and wisdom to the product. Fast-forward this process by selecting a product constructed from aged brass. However, if a maintained bright brass finish is preferred, products are also available in a sealed brass. Each finish offers a different sense of character to your bathroom. For the timber products, the use of reclaimed, recycled timber you know you are making an environmentally friendly choice. Many products combine the four materials for added contrast; you will find the perfect piece to complement your bathroom design.

The natural materials age with your home to tell the unique story of your family. The materials natural charm disguises quality mechanical parts with all Wood Melbourne products meeting the required technical standards.

If you would like to explore the options of incorporating the Wood Melbourne products in your bathroom design, please contact us for a personalised quote. Combine these products with other brands available at The Kitchen Hub to create a personalised space and explore the options of a package deal with us.

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