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The Magic of Metallics - Adding Luxe to Your Home

October 01, 2018

Whether you’re an attention-to-detail or big picture kind of person, there comes a stage in everyone’s life when you realise that when it comes to your home, details count.  There is no other place where this becomes more apparent than in your bathroom and kitchen.

Like carefully curated artwork for your home, tapware is the fastest way to turn your kitchen or bathroom into the most luxurious of spaces.

Amongst the metals, copper reigns supreme with searches for copper taps up 100 per cent year-on-year.  A mix of high-glamour 1920s with warehouse-style chick,  copper is proving its not going anywhere.  It seems New Zealander's can’t get enough the industrial look.

From taps and showers to frames and handles, brass finishes transcend a wide range of bathroom trends from rustic to ultra-modern schemes.  Raw, natural and living brass finishes continue to increase in popularity.  Matt and polished brass also hold their own ground within a luxe contemporary space.

Gold accents were also up in popularity (+96%). From rose-tinted to glamorous,  gold accents are a great way to add some metals into the mix.

Metals mesh with any color palette, but to really amp up a space, mix different finishes together (saves on Pinterest for “mixed metals” +423%).  Mixed metals were a home highlight from the Pinterest 100 report.  

Still not sure what colour to choose?  Scroll down for more of our favourites...



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